5 Star Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


At 5 Star Oriental Medicine, we offer tuina as our bodywork therapy.

Tuina (tway-nah) relies on body manipulation including pressing, kneading, stretching and various other techniques to increase qi and blood circulation, break up muscular and fascial knots, and help the body realign itself to a natural position to promote health. Tuina is a complete medical treatment in itself and can be utilized to treat internal disease as well as musculoskeletal issues. It is more vigorous than typical massage therapies but much less aggressive than chiropractic adjustments. The comfort of the patient is always a priority and is taken into account during each treatment.

It is favored by many people who prefer alternatives to needles and is also excellent for infants, elderly, and other populations adverse to needles. Furthermore, techniques can be taught to parents, partners and others so they can help at home.