5 Star Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Like Acupuncture, the use of herbs in treating patients dates back thousands of years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, an herbal formulation is based on the diagnosis and is customized specifically for an individual patient. Some combinations are used on a short-term basis for the immediate onset of disease, while others may be used long-term for general tonification and health maintenance. Even though herbs are typically much safer than pharmaceuticals, it is equally im​portant that they be taken in accordance with your practitioner’s recommendation, since they are equally powerful in many instances. Practitioners not only need to know what herbs and combinations treat what illness but also be familiar with herb/drug interactions, herb/herb interactions and a host of other issues in order to create a safe, effective formula. Many believe herbal therapeutics can be more bioavailable than pharmaceutical substances since they are natural substances rather than those formulated in a laboratory. Side effects are not common with herbal medicine, especially when recommended by a knowledgable, licensed acupuncturist or herbalist.

The products we use include finely ground raw Chinese herb powders, patent medicines available in pill and tablet forms, teas, and topical formulations. The raw herb powders are custom mixed for each patient and are encapsulated or cooked and taken as a tea one to three times a day. These powders can also be mixed to create salves, ointments, plasters or herbal soaks for burns, bruises, sores, aches and pains. Patent medicines are convenient and can be taken when a patient travels and can't cook the tea at home. These formulations can't be customized but have excellent benefits in themselves.

We are very careful in selecting suppliers for our products. We only use herbs from qualified Good Manufacturing Process providers. This is the highest standard of quality worldwide for herbal products. Every step from planting, to harvest, processing and packaging is scrutinized and tested. Our herbs and herbal products are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, sulfur, aluminum phosphate, chlorine, and pesticides.

Chinese herbs are taken more often and in higher dosages that pharmaceutical because they are minimally processed and easily broken down by the body like food. This means that more is required and more often in order to be present in the body and to ensure efficacy.